Here's my picks for fiber based paper...

My absolute favourite is AGFA Multicontrast Classic Glossy. I think it has the perfect sheen, wonderful tonal range and great colour. A PERFECT paper!!!!

I also love the look of the Bergger papers, though I am just becoming familiar with them. (unlike the 1000s of prints made with MCC111)

After that, I'd go for the Ilford papers. There warm tone can be nice.

Here is a vote AGAINST Kodak's PolyMax Fine Art. I've tried the glossy and find that it's too cool for my taste (I dislike cold photos and prefer neutral to warm) and the sheen has a funny look. Worse yet is the warm tone PMFA. I think the surface texture is just plain ugly.

If you can find a time machine, go back and find some Ektalure. A graded warm tone that had a very heavy woven look to it that with the right image, and selenium toned gave a wonderful brown.

Just my opinion,