I don't understand this thread.

The OP wants to avoid inconvenience by putting his 3200 etc. in a lead bag for carry-on because it's too hard to take the film out for hand inspection.

But all a lead bag accomplishes is to "flag" itself so that the inspector then asks to see what's inside.

At which point, having been now inconvenienced, you have to drag the x-ray film bag out of your carry-on so as to have it hand inspected!

What a friggin' waste of time compared to just putting your film rolls in a clear plastic baggie and handing them to the inspector at the outset for hand inspection.

EDIT: BTW, as has been discussed here several times - 120/220 rolls have no metal and so, unless you're carrying an armload, you can put them in your pocket and walk through the scanner without setting anything off!