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I don't understand this thread.

The OP wants to avoid inconvenience by putting his 3200 etc. in a lead bag for carry-on because it's too hard to take the film out for hand inspection.

But all a lead bag accomplishes is to "flag" itself so that the inspector then asks to see what's inside.

At which point, having been now inconvenienced, you have to drag the x-ray film bag out of your carry-on so as to have it hand inspected!
The problem is that at Mexico City airport they have no interest in hand inspecting film. I tried to ask them & the security woman just barked at me in Spanish to put my bag through the machine.

As for flagging itself, I had a lead bag with dozens of rolls of film in my backpack that went through LAX twice, Mexico City twice & once each for Auckland & Sydney & passed through each time without notice.

I know there are people who think it's all drama about nothing & we should just put the film through the machines, but I have seen film with Xray damage, so it's not a myth. I found it pretty easy to pack everything in the lead bag, it's really just part of the whole packing process. A small price to pay to feel that my film will be OK.