skip the stop bath and hypo wash entirely. use plain water for the stop bath (it's better for your film, and reduces the prevalence of pinholes). rinse for a minute, then into the fixer. hypo wash for film? not necessary. just wash it properly. you can use the ilford low-water wash method, which i've used in the past. currently i find it easier to use a homemade film washer:

get a plastic quart-sized paint mixing container from the hardware store (or something similar). punch a couple of small holes in the bottom. when you're done fixing, give your film a quick rinse under the tap, then fill up the container with water. let a slow trickle of water into the container for ten minutes. much of the water will drain out the bottom, and with it the remaining fixer. jiggle the container once or twice to make sure there aren't any unmoving areas of water in the container.

i mostly develop 4x5 using the taco method, so this works for both film on reels and taco'ed 4x5. flat sheet film would require some modification.