Skip the commercial stop bath. For film, a good rinse in clean water (use distilled if your tap water is high in minerals) 30 seconds to a minute with mild agitation. If you insist on an acid stop bath, make your own with white vinegar (grocery store stuff) mixed 1 part plus 3 parts water. Use once and discard for film. For paper, you might want to check the "feel" of the paper in the bath. When the paper doesn't loose the greasy feeling from the developer after about 15 seconds, time to change the bath.

For film, hypo clearning agent is still nice to use if you have selected a hardening fixer. The stuff you list above does not have hardening agents (I think). So using HCA is optional with film in this case.

Anyway, all good stuff, you will enjoy the Rodinal. Personally, I just use the powdered version of AristaFix. I don't find the odor to be bothersome at all (minimal odor and I have decent ventilation). For film, I don't use an acid stop and if I'm using a staining developer I use TF4 instead of an acid fixer.

Somebody mentioned getting a syringe for measuring out the Rodinal. That works great just be sure to keep it clean. Rinse well between uses. If you decide to use other chemicals in small liquid quantities, try and have a dedicated syringe for each. Minimizes the possibility of cross contamination.