By the way, another bit of random advice. Browse your the equivalent of your local dollar store (everything for $1). Look for plastic funnels, large plastic tubs, etc. I picked up some large plastic tubs that I use to help me rinse sheet film. They only get used for final rinse in distilled water and I've taken the trouble to make sure they are very smooth inside. Also I have a several plastic measuring cups and a some larger 5 gallon buckets that I've "calibrated" using a graduated cylinder. You can never have too many liquid holding vessels!

Also, lately I've seen lots of variations on kitchen timers for $1 and $2 (convert to your currency). Something else you can never have to many of are little minute and second settable timers.

Wooden spring type clothes pins or better yet, plastic ones are nice to have for hanging sheet film to dry. Just be sure you clip only as much film as it takes to hold it up, don't pinch the image area.

Any way, lots of ways to re-task everyday objects. Keep your eyes open.