I don't know of any incompatibilities in the chemicals you've mentioned in your original post, rkmiec. As to odorless vs. indicator stop bath, that's a matter of personal preference. As others have said, you can use water, if you prefer. Vinegar will also work (you'd need to dilute it a bit, but I don't recall the precise proportion). IIRC, Arista's odorless fixer is a sodium thiosulfate-based fixer, which is likely to take a bit longer to work than rapid fixers based on ammonium thiosulfate. OTOH, they've got a lot of products in their lineup, so my memory may be incomplete or faulty. AFAIK, all ammonium thiosulfate rapid fixers ship as liquids, so if the product you're considering is a powder, it's not a rapid variety. You might consider Photographer's Formulary TF-4 or any manufacturer's C-41 fixer; both are inexpensive rapid fixers. (C-41 fixer works just fine with B&W film and paper.)

Concerning bottles, I agree with others that you should forego the collapsible bottles. In fact, if you want plastic bottles, you should avoid HDPE (recycling symbol 2) bottles in favor of PET (recycling symbol 1) bottles. Personally, I favor glass. I re-use Snapple, RBC root beer, and other glass drink bottles.