I just watched tonight's episode of "Mythbusters" (on the Discovery Channel on US cable/satellite systems). For those not in the know, this show is devoted to testing urban legends, myths, etc., "scientifically." (Their scientific rigor seems to be about on a high school science fair level.)

Anyhow, tonight's episode was a "MacGyver Special," in which they tested some feats shown on the TV show "MacGyver." In one task, the hosts had to solve a number of MacGyver-style problems, one of which was developing a roll of film using their choice of a dozen or so common kitchen liquids. The hosts failed at this particular task, but viewers were told that the "correct" solution (presumably taken from the MacGyver TV show) was to develop in orange juice and fix in ammonium. This seems extremely wrong to me, but I thought I'd toss it out for opinions. The OJ would be at a very wrong acidity to develop film, would it not? Would there be any chance for it to work even if you added enough sodium carbonate or some other base? As for fixing, would plain household ammonium do anything at all? I thought it was the thiosulfate part of ammonium thiosulfate that was more critical in fixing film.