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Actually, I do make a living off analog photography, and I do well because I'm a film shooter. That's very important to my clientele, who love the fact that the images are hand-developed and -printed.


Absolutely and you are not alone. I am (attempting) to go full-time pro and intend to aim myself at this market too (usual commercial array incl weddings etc). Analogue is definitely still there as a (small) commercial viabilty and often sought after as digital has 'taken over'. I am confident that there will be no end to analogue availability. Even if Eastern European manufacturers are never as consistent (Forte etc) the products are very good value and have qualities that I seek out (Forte Fortezo G3 is a must, as if Efke100). It was interesting to watch those looking at my work alongside that of a digitographer at a recent exhibition. Some totally ignored mine and went for the digital, generally because they wanted the latest 'tip' on papers or printers or to be able to go home and produce what they had just seen (without having to actually take a decent picture). Most bored the poor exhibitor (who was a good photographer) to tears with their digital trainspotting knowledge. Those who liked mine, liked it for what they saw. They had genuine appreciation for what a genuine fine (un digitinkered) print is, and commented repeatedly that there is so little around.

It may be a case of those left standing.....GET IT ALLLL!!!!!