Hi Y'all,

I feel Camera 4 coming home. Art is going to be getting this camera in a couple of weeks, or maybe a month seeing as Ole is once again wandering like a lost divining rod in the oil fields of Norway...

We have had a number of interesting ideas for "Let's all Shoot 1 Camera". Infrared film, old camera shooting 6x9, homemade cameras, even one restricted to RB67 users. We have also had a strong request for a return to the disposable color film camera from George.

So here is the discussion, open to all interested, all that have been involved before, all period:

I am in favor of going back for round 6 to the disposable camera. We probably don't need a Pagan Chicken, squab, nor Christmas tree recipe angle for this camera but how about a single point of subject for camera round 6?

I foresee (I be the foreseer) 2 to 2.5 cameras a year for general circulation. I think we might do a couple specials every year such as the rb67 back project, the HIE project, perhaps a Zeiss Ikon Nettar project...

And of course, all members involved are open for their own project launching. I will help with any organization for these projects. I will take responsibility for the general cameras tracking and developing.

So... Ideas? Concepts for Round 6 visual subject? Good idea?

I am listening.

tim in san jose