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Having had the convergence of two exchanges in the one week.. I had the privilege of shooting both the "cardboard box" and the Sure shot within a short space of time..

I have to admit with them both staring at me, I automatically went for the Canon and took it a little more seriously and spent a little longer thinking about the photo I was going to take. The throwaway box ended up on a night out in the pub.. (long story involving pagan chickens and Guinness...) so although there were pluses and minuses to both camera's, my personal choice would be the Sureshot..

As for subject matter.. I do agree it would be very interesting to see a similar subject matter and the varied geographical take on it.. a hybrid of the Monthly shooting assignment and the travelling camera might be what we're looking for?

When people throw a few ideas at you Tim, why don't you add a poll to the thread? That way you can gauge the level of interest and preferences.
My two cents..


Well, when a throwaway camera gets you an invite for a pint of Guinness and an evening of interesting conversation with an Irish photographer with obvious command of intelligent thought....

cardboard box here we come.

I suspect over the next couple of weeks a poll or two will arise.

tim in san jose