David's suggestion that you read Bruce Barnbaum's article is sound advice although I would suggest a modification to his method; don't wait until the bleaching is completed before you place the print in the fixer for you will run the risk of staining either immediately or within a few weeks of drying the print. I would suggest that you apply the bleach and rinse with water but every third time I rinse I place the print into the fixer to neutralise it in stages. When the bleaching is completed I fix the print for two minutes. When I first used bleach I rinsed with water as Bruce does but found that I did ocasionally experience staining but since I adopted the method I have suggested here I have never had a print go bad on me.

Another tip is to work with a weak solution and be patient. If you can see the bleach working as soon as you have applied it you will not stop the action and you will ruin the print. When I apply bleach I don't expect to see any change in the tonality for the first three or four applications.