I don't get it. The phrases, "brings the ultra-high-saturated color of Fujifilm's renowned Velvia", and "world-class color fidelity" appear in neighboring sentances.

Which is it, I wonder?

And the next paragraph sure is interesting:

U.S. Introduction of Instant, Peel-Apart Film for Professionals
Fujifilm will introduce to the U.S. marketplace its professional instant color film FP-100C, which produces exceptional picture quality and excellent color reproduction. This ISO 100 instant color film, optimized for use under direct sunlight or electronic flash, produces prints with little to no gradation imbalance, from highlights to shadows, superior light fading characteristics and reduced color variations caused by elongated peeling time. Fujifilm will also introduce FP-100B, an EI 100 instant black and white film, and FP-3000B, an EI 3200 instant black and white film to the U.S.

New emulsions, just when I'd gotten Velvia and Provia development and printing pretty much dialed in....