Well, I don't know if it is the right place or not, but I will go on telling you my experiments with this new paper.

First, I made tests to determine wether the paper is the same or not. The results shows that the sensitivity is the same that former variable NB. Same sensitivity, and same reaction to contrast modulation. The new paper is very close to the former one.

Second I tested the reactivity to selenium. On this point the new paper is clearly less sensitive that the former one. The former NB used to have a magenta tone after a very short virage. The new one does not exhibit such a propriety. No big tonal change. But the DMAx seems to be enhanced after selenium.

Third, I compared it to Foma Variant 111. Clearly, the NB is very cooltone, whereas the foma is a little warm (I precise that I developped in Tetenal Eukobrom, and I used to think that results with Foma 111 were cooler than when I develop it in Harman Warmtone). NB paper base is whiter than Foma's.

I think it is not very pertinent to scan the prints, because, with the digital step, you won't see any difference between the prints.