So far I've worked on 38 books. Three were published last year.
At first they only had a shot or two of mine in them but the last four books where coffee table books and contained mostly my shots. Some of the earlier ones I don't even have anymore.... cleared them out at a garage sale a few years back.

For magazines I've shot a bit for Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine but since my work is sold through Getty Images it turns up in mags like Cosmo every once and a while.

Lately I've been working as Photo Editor for Canadian Sports Magazine... so I end up getting a fair bit in the magazine as well.

I've done a couple assingment for the New York Times and some of the other big papers in the USA.

The coolest thing I've ever shot is the box front of Wheates Cereal when they used a shot of Roger Clements years ago..... maybe it was the Wheates that gave him the strenght to pitch for so many years.

One thing I've noticed though... a lot of times the best photos are never published.... because a magazine is looking for a picture to go with a story.... it might not be the best photo from the event.