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Well, when a throwaway camera gets you an invite for a pint of Guinness and an evening of interesting conversation with an Irish photographer with obvious command of intelligent thought....

cardboard box here we come.

I suspect over the next couple of weeks a poll or two will arise.

tim in san jose
Let's wait to see how blurred the focusing was after a drink or two before we make any decisions... If it's fuzzy.. don't blame the cardboard box!!

I did mean to take a photo of the two camera's together, but somehow never got around to it, the convergence theory that "multiple cameras congregate at a particular spot on earth" is an interesting one, and leads me to wonder if I shouldn't make some e bay purchases to test it out...

On a serious note, I really like the idea of a central theme, my stoop, my house etc.. We could also have.. "Monday morning" or "Saturday night fever" or something along those lines. Everyone has a Monday morning and we each interpret it quite differently I'm sure!

Good luck with this one Tim.. I think you might just need it!