I think Leica's whole M8 / DRF philosophy just splits the baby in two, following the logic of Solomon. One the one hand you make it digital to appeal to modern, technologically inclined and well-endowed youth. On the other hand you stuff all that in a body that you really have to be a professional RF user to appreciate fully.

Now on the digital side, they're up against VR/IS lenses, cameras that recognize a half dozen faces in a scene and adjust exposure accordingly, take lenses from fisheye to 500mm, imprint GPS info on a frame, shoot nutty fps... and can auto or manually focus... and cost a few grand.

Meanwhile, on the purist/film side, they're up against medium format rangefinders and other established and beloved 35mm platforms like the MP or M7... or ZI...

So... they satisfy neither camp by attempting to satisfy both, I fear. In the boardroom, I think Leica drew a Venn diagram uniting the gadget-happy aspects of digital and the purist aspects of a manual-focus RF, and thought that would get them somewhere new in a very fast-moving market.

See, what they should have done is let purists be purists, and let gadget freaks be gadget freaks... and bring out two bodies. They tried to satisfy two masters with the modul-R and we see how that went.