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sounds great. I like the SE1 as it is an easy product to use - good for teaching students. However I "allways" bought this in 5liters at a time (much cheaper), will that be an option in the future?

For teaching purposes I'll suggest you could give the option to buy emty 240ml bottles.... (at least if the 5 liter is available) - I have looked for that kind of bottles for years....

about other manufactures emulsions: could that include the FOMA emulsion?

this is an awesome emulsion and as much as I like the SE1, for bromoil the FOMA emulsion is far superior. (and I have had so many asking me where to get this emulsion....)
The problem we had with 5 litre packs was that the manufacturers could not supply the emulsion in a black tub, only the usual white variety as used for paint etc, and even when wrapped in black & labelled it was a regular event for one to get opened up in daylight by customs inspections in particular. In the end we decided to stop dealing with 5 litre packs until the packaging was adequate for the product. I'll investigate this with Harman.

We haven't looked at bringing in the Foma emulsion yet, I'll do that next week.