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Mind you, with the crop factor of a smaller-than-full-frame sensor, it's not quite the same (and I think Leica did come out with M8-specific lenses as well).
See, my whole reason for working with MF RFs is the ability to do wide and ultrawide with almost no distortion and fantastically sharp lenses.... at reasonable cost. I use slrs for long stuff. I'd have zero reason to get a DRF with a crop factor. What, so I can shoot longer than 135mm? Big deal, I can do that already. Wide is where the money is, as far as I am concerned.

This business of forcing people to buy other wider lenses, on top of a very expensive body.... Unfortunately I think I will eventally agree with Walt that the M8 has been a regrettable adventure for Leica. Leica is supposed to mean nothing less than a completely luxurious, no-compromise, high-end photographic experience.

I think the modul-R would have fared much better if they'd simply looked at the market more closely. I was very close to moving on that system because of the family of lenses and, frankly, there are some times I like to do digital even though 90% of what I like to do is still on film. The way Leica discontinued that system made me very leery of their products in general.