When I first took photography classes we did one roll of B&W then switched to color slide film. At that time I remember the big decision was to use Fuji for it's enhanced greems, or Kodak for the great blues.

About 10 years ago I sat through way too many college biology classes. The one that stood out was the plant bio class. We were shown many slides each class. The two professors that taught it, would get so mad at the slides. They were not happy with the look. They said there was not a good color film out there that would give you true to life colors. The colors of the slides were too saturated. Listening to this same rant throught the semester it made me wonder about saturated verses non saturated films. Then I wondered about negative verses transperancy film. Is there a film that gives more natural colors? Or do you have to filters to adjust for that?

With the shrinking availability of color films, what are the characteristics of each type? I want to get back to doing color work, just need some input as to what is what.