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I agree steel wool, but if you want to get good silver to make silver nitrate then just plate it out, that@s the easiest.

Assuming it's small scale then just rig up a rechargeable battery around 5 to 6 volts with silver wire for the anode and a carbon rod cathode.

PIC - a company I worked for used to be a member of PIC, we installed both Electro plating units and wire wool systems. With steel or wire wool systems the resulting slugde isn't very pure usually often about 60% silver, whereas plated silver will be over 98% pure, often far higher.

Thanks for that idea. I didn't realize it might be so simple to separate out the silver. I have a couple of basic questions about the plating process...

I presume any direct current source with several volts will work same as the battery?

After plating out the available silver, what do you do with whatever liquids and sludges that remain?

How disposable and safe is that remainder?

How do you know when you've got the plating job done?

How often does one do the plating job?

Are there any other basics one should know?