As you mentioned each film is different..
Not very familiar with the Kodak line except the extracolor EBX which pretty wild color wise but fuji line slide film goes like this.
Velvia 50 : Ultra saturated, fine grain, sharp, low lattitute film
Velvia 100F : high saturation, fine grain, sharp, low lattitute film
Provia 100F : slightly higher than normal saturation, very fine grain, very sharp, low lattitute film
Astia 100F : Normal saturation, fine grain sharp , slightly higher lattitute film

velvia 50 is my main choice if i decide to do color work with 4x5. I dont usually use filters with it other than 81A since the film has cooler tones in shade. Polarizer really punches the greens.
some don't like this film since it looks too cartoonish sometimes with overly saturated colors but many still use it cause its the best.. I just bought a 50 sheets box of it that i am looking forward to use.. and i have 6000 35mm slides of it in my files...

color slide film has less lattitute and more saturation than color negative film. if the film is gonna be taken to photoshop all the time, it makes sense to shoot negative film so that you have a little more room to play with your exposure(lattitute).
polarizers, enhancer filters and warmig filters really help with negative film also.