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Is there a "cheap" way to recover metallic silver
from the fixing bath?

...deadly insane as making silver nitrate!
The FT-1 hypo check uses potassium iodide to
precipitate silver iodide. In excess it will clear a
hypo of nearly every last trace of silver. Same
for sodium sulfide. Both salts form extremely
insoluble salts with silver; the sulfide being
the least.

Fixer loads up with chloride, bromide, and iodide;
the remains of the silver salts which make up a
silver gelatin emulsion. Also, old fixer is likely
quite oxidized. Addition of sodium sulfite
after electrolytic extraction of the silver
may extend it's life some.

BTW, silver nitrate is safe; the component in the
FT-2 test and used in emulsion making. Dan