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The "which scanner" question has been beaten to death on other sites, but since I have some very specific needs, I am asking for APUG advice. I use...120mm film. I have a cheap document printer (which I might upgrade). I want to buy... flat bed scanner that will allow me to: 1)....2) scan to the computer so I can then print a contact sheet (contact strips). I don't intend to make finished prints, as with any contact sheet, I just want to see my choices and figure what needs to be done before going into the dark room....Any suggestions?

Vincent, we're on parallel tracks. I also need a scanner to: 1) evaluate my negatives prior to optical enlarging (I'm a B/W noob and sux at reading negatives), and 2) to post my...stuff on APUG--what scan quality is good enough for APUG standards. I've looked at the Epson V500, V700 and V750. The V750, do I really need wet scanning for APUG? I have also considered optical contact prints and my office document scanner, but I may be too impatient for that route.

So I hope you don't mind if I tag along.