I am not sure we as a group are ready for a roll of film each as a "we all shoot one camera", there does seem to be a discordance where the only similarity is a camera...

but I can see maybe two cameras in parallel, each person shoots two photos, perhaps a concept of "moods light/dark"... one photograph each.

Still a great idea Ole, perhaps as one of our more specialty rounds, we can get say 4 old cameras, I have a 6x6 Nettar that would work well or even a 6x9 Agfa, you have the Voightlander, we could possibly manage a couple more... 2 or 3 shots each person. That would give us 4 photographers per camera, total of 16 members involved in that project. Same format (6x6, 6x9), interesting ideas of how each member deals with the aged equipment and non-coated lens... perhaps each person then gets a second chance with a different camera. I suspect we would all learn something.

Fude for thot.

The discussion is still open.

tim in san jose