No, I mean Hybrid Photo,, which is part of Sean's photographic web empire, and is dedicated to hybrid traditional/digital processes.
Epson (in their U.S. site anyway) also sells "reconditioned" models at discounted prices. I presume they do this worldwide as well, since these are typically warranty returns which they replaced or sales demo units.

FWIW, I think the quoted dmax for the 4990 is about 3.8, the newer ones are supposed to go to 4.0, I believe.
Aside from dmax, most scans for posts on Apug, or even proofing, don't require really extraordinary capabilities from the scanner. Since most computer monitors have a resolution of 100 lpi or less, scans at very high resolutions don't accomplish anything for display on the web.
The dmax spec refers to the maximum density the scanner can discriminate.

Also FWIW, I've toyed with proofing on the scanner, and I haven't found it all that useful vs. exposing a contact sheet, YMMV though.