Just pulled the first roll outa da soup. (FP4+ in Rodinal 1+50) Looks OK so far.

As far as a week of photography went it was a bit of a washout, literally. Between rain, flat overcast skies and endless shops opportunities were thin on the ground. I only managed 2 rolls in all, 1 35 and 1 120. I think it's fair to say that most, if not all are going to be snaps or record shots at best. I'll have to wait until the contacts are done.

Missed a lot of the Peak District, failed completely to find Arbour Low, even though I bought an OS map of the area and didn't manage to get to the Dove valley. There's always next time as I fully intend to go there again, will have to tie up wifey though. I found it difficult to get into the groove with constant watch checking and "haven't you finished yet?". Still, I've had her a while and shes like one of the family now ;-)

Did take some shots of Litchfield cathederal which look promising, I could really have used an LF or at least a PC lens for it. Oodles of converging verticals and no hope of recording it's impressive facade with a standard lens. I only had the Broni on me. Thankfully my F80 started working again after a night in the airing cupboard, won't take that sucker out in the rain again.

If I managed anything decent I'll post the results.