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Those are very good suggestions, and I'm going to revise the book at first opportunity. I'm also, as suggested, going to add space at the front where the photographer can can create an on-going index of the contents.

Thank you for the thoughtful input,

You're welcome. I really enjoy the video clips and think you do a good job.

I think it would be great if there were an APUG library of hundreds of little video clips organized in the same manner of the forums. For example, in Darkroom there could be the dry down video, a video on bleaching, various aspects of split grade printing, various toning, mixing chemicals from scratch, various masking techniques, stand developing, etc. Also, a video tour of various APUG darkrooms.

For Large Format Cameras, videos could be included for selecting and using dark cloths, attaching lenses to lens boards, setting up the view camera, proper focusing, loading film holders, etc.

There is so much potential for this. Short, specific videos would be preferable. I would be willing to pay an extra access fee to view a video library like this, especially if the library is dynamic and expanding. I would prefer that to buying a DVD.