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Hey J,

Congratulations on the publication of your first book, "Exposure Record"!

I've been using several different versions of photo log books on and off for years and there always seems to be flaw with these books that causes me to stop using them. The most recent 'exposure record' book I've used is called "All Weather Photo Journal" by Rite In the Rain. It measures 3" wide x 5" which is way too small. If it was the size of your book, it would be perfect. Sometimes it's difficult to write in micro-mini print when it's 0 degrees out or when the light is changing fast, so, when I saw your book I got one immediately (this past Saturday).

If the paper in your book is 'all-weather' paper (water-proof/water-resistant) that would be great! If not, perhaps your second edition could use this type of paper. For more info on the paper I'm talking about, www.RiteintheRain.com is the web address on my too small photo journal. I could probably get what I need from 'Rite In the Rain' with a custom product, but, I'd rather buy from an APUG member, so I'm proudly sticking with J Brunner Photographer products.

(If you are already using all-weather paper, disregard above paragraph.)


Unfortunately, its not that fancy. I'm stuck with what Lulu offers. I did manage to get it with a paper that is writable. I was worried that it would be to flimsy. Thankfully it's heavy enough. Waterproof would be the bomb, but it's not in the budget. If, after the handy revisions people have suggested, it proves to be popular enough, I will look into something like that. The only really nice thing about Lulu is that they handle the ordering and fulfillment, something I would currently be hard pressed to do in a reliable manner.