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It's actually 3.4:
The difference may not sound like much. but it does matter - a scanner with inadequate dmax will simply not render highlight detail in b+w negs properly (if at all) and conversely is likely to produce lots of artefacts in scans of the shadows of full-blooded prints.

Also, as a guide...I recommend a dmax figure of 3.6 as a minimum.

Thank you for the Dmax information. I'm on the steep part of the learning curve and these little tid-bits really help.

Since Mr. bdial turned me on to the "4990" I've been all over it.
Per the Epson site the "4990" (not "4490") has a Dmax of 4.0, problem is there are none, they're discontinued. Sadly the 4990 appears to be a great piece of equipment for the price point. But again I'm a day late....