If you use velvia, you will be abliged to use R3000 (reversal paper), CibaChrome, or have it scanned and printed digitally.

R3000 are often not so great, Ciba's are wonderful and would do the setting justice.

If it was the colour I was after I would shoot it with a chrome and crossprocess it and print it on Glossy Crystal Archive C, Fuji/dura flex or a gloss Ultra paper.

If not crossprocessed and depending upon the light and time of day I would use 160 NC, 160VC or maybe NPS. Sunrise or sunset I'd lean toward NC or VC. Mid day is tough and I don't know what to recommend.

Early evening, if there are streetlights or some form of man made illumination I'd shoot it with Portra 100T or NPL. If there is not manmade illumination, bring your own (as in car headlights) and light it your self.

Regardless, the paper recommendations remain the same.

I Rate the film as follows:
Short exposures:
NC, VC 80-100iso
100t 80 iso
NPL 60-80 iso

Longer exposures under manmade light
NC, VC, 100t, NPL 50 iso

I also would bracket for over exposure, especialy as the light thins. This is where the Kodak prodyucts really shine. If it were made in 4x5 NPC, Reala, 400UC (and I suspect 100UC) would make this thing jump.