Well Italy for the time being, i am only here for 6 more weeks.

My name is Michael West but i go by West or as far as the internet is concerned "FootNote"

I have been on and off with photography for a while now. Recently just getting back into it. Hopefully will be even more into it once i get back to the states. I started off with a digital Nikon D70 great little starter camera. Recently, 8 months ago or so i went out and got myself amazing camera, the Mamiya C330. Love.It. My main attraction to it was the fact that it was diffrent then other cameras being a TLR rather then a SLR so yes, i did buy it for looks and i have no problems admitting that But i have to say along with being a great looking camera it takes some steller shots.

And real recently, (just got it in the mail Monday) i got my first LF camera, the Calumet 4x5 Not sure exactly what model but its from the 60's and in near mint condition, for a small price of $175 (and it came with 7 film holders) so i deffently got a great deal on that. I just bought some film for it and its on its way.

I find myself useing my Nikon gear less and less these days (I also have a Nikon F5)

As far as what my interests are, i would love to be a second shooter for wedding photographers and i am also interested in event photography and wildlife photography (Granted i have not done any of these things besides on a small scale) I also work with models just as a hobby.

Any advice comments or good shoping tips feel free to PM me or let me know here