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That kind of thing is really frustrating. My guess is that you may not be using enough solution for the larger print, and the chemicals are becoming exhausted before development is completed. I haven't done cibas in a while, but if I remember correctly, you'll need something like 12-16 oz per 16x20" print.
Thanks for the suggestion. I thought of that this morning, but I am using the same amount per square inch as when I do the 8x10s. For 2 8x10 I have been using 100ml. When I do 4 8x10 or 2 8x20 or 1 16x20 I was using 200ml. When I do 2 4x5 in the test drum I use 40ml, and the results all come out the same - except today. In my tests today I did try using 200ml for one 8x20 and the result was about the same. I say about because it did look slightly different, but still had too much magenta. I think after this I will do some more tests to see if there is a difference with a few other prints.