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I've been developing using tap water instead of stopbath and the results are fine, but someone told me the negative keeps on developing unless i use stop bath.

does it keep on developing even after it's been hung out to dry???

fyi: i am developing 35mm 400 iso BW film with HC -110

"To manyworkers, the stop bath is merely a splash of acid in a vague amount of water. It should be compounded as directed." Ansel Adams

OTH, I'm sure that several water changes with agitation is equally effective and with minimal to no downstream, er, negatives. If it works, go for it. Remember, the bumblebee can't fly, either.

Kodak SB-6 Stop Bath: Sodium bisulfite 30 g, water to make one liter
Kodak SB-7 Stop Bath: Citric Acid 15 g, water to make 1 liter

The same baths with an "a" suffix are stronger for strong alkali developers. 37.5 grams of citric acid (not 37 or 38? :rolleyes or 75 grams of bisulfite.

Or, bottom line, 1/3 white vinegar, 2/3 water. Take that, Ansel!

All per Kodak.