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Not using with paper is not such a good idea, even more so if you are using fiber based papers. I wouldn't worry so much about over development. That's pretty hard to do if you've exposed the paper correctly, since development is carried through to completion. The problems, veiled highlights etc., come about when some of the alkaline developer gets carried across to the acidic fixing bath. That's a sure way to cause staining and possibly some fogging of the highlights. You need to be extra cautious about washing the paper free of developer before its immersion into the fixing bath. That's tough to do in a tray without constantly changing water. The first couple of prints may work out OK, but after that the amount of developer carried over into the stop tray becomes significant enough to be of concern. If you have a sink in your darkroom, then you can use water rinse to your heart's content at the expense of a lot of wasted water. I don't see any advantage to this save the absence of the stop bath odor, which is not so bad if you've diluted your stop bath to the proper strength. It's only acetic acid at half the strength of table vinegar. If the odor of stop bath is bothersome, I'm willing to bet that the working solution is too strong.
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