Hi everyone!
Stoked I found this comunity, I've been searching for an active 'traditional photography' group for quite a while now.
Ahh... I'm basically a beginner, shooting on a 1973 Pentax K2 SLR, and a couple of plastic toy Lomo's.
I've recently started dabbling in develloping my own B&W film in my tiny cramped bathroom.
I cant seem to get any luck with colour film though, with about 95% of my shots being quite grainy.
Um... I'm mainly interested in artistic photojournalism. I draw alot of inspiration from the www.oculi.com.au collective (my aunt's a founding member)and other Sydney Photojournalists like Trent Parkes, Dean Sewel, Andrew Quilty, Lisa Wiltse, etc etc.

Some of my B&W pictures from a recent trip to adelaide for a mountain biking competition are here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/2134917...03785806/show/