I use two Gralab 300s. One for the enlarger and one on the wet side for processing. For dodging/burning I use a kitchen wind-up timer that ticks 4 ticks a second (240 ticks in 60 sec, actually).

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i use a gralab 300 for processing film....it glows in the dark so when i'm running sheet film i move it beyond the fixer tray and angle it toward to wall. so far no film fogging issiues. i throw a towel over the timer when i'm loading film.
I previously reported the definitive phosphorescent phog phallacy phindings: I held a Gralab, after 30 min. in open room light, then in total darkness in close proximity to a sheet of Bergger 200 ASA B&W film. The Gralab was sitting on top of one edge of the film. At 30 sec. there was no fogging with N+1 dev. I also put my glow in the dark watch directly on top of the film for 10, 20, and 30 sec. There was ZV fog from 20 sec and Z2 from 30 sec.

QED: Don't cover your Gralab or turn it to the wall. Take off your watch when you load film holders.