If you're looking for assignments, check out usefilm.com, which is a critique site based on projects that change periodically. There is always a current project that is the most active, but you can go and do any of the earlier projects as well. The user base is more mixed and weighted toward beginners over there, but Al Shaikh, the organizer, has attracted some really good people and professionals working in a variety of areas.

Personally, two of the projects I've been working on lately are reflected in the Postcard Exchange, and one in my current Traveling Portfolio submission.

Since we moved into an apartment with a great view this past April, I've been doing the old "View from the Artist's Window" gambit under different lighting conditions, with different cameras, and different films. Here is the one on Postcard #1:


Our place is in a high-rise building that looks South over a park, but walk behind the building, and you're in an industrial zone that includes a former Singer factory (maybe they made Graflexes there, who knows?) now a gourmet supermarket, a number of meat packers, a bus depot, a tire repair place, car wash, some abandoned buildings, and such, all under the archways of a viaduct that connects eventually to the George Washington Bridge. Here are three from this area (the second is Postcard #2):




I have a whole stack of images to print from last summer in Moloka'i, Hawai'i, and we hope to spend more summers there in the future, and I see this becoming a long term project. No scans yet from these, but the portfolio includes one of these images from the steep trail to the historic leprosy settlement at Kalaupapa.