itīs not so much a matter of rights or know how.
Itīs simply a matter of actually geting down to it. Putting the money on the table and starting a production.

Agfa Belgium is operating in very large markets. Coating a bit more of an exisiting product and selling the surplus into the consumer market through another company is an easy job. It does not cost anything and helps controling overhead costs. This is interesting business to Agfa. Going through all the effort of reintroducing products formerly made in Leverkusen isnīt exactly what they see as their job.

At least this is the impression I have. We at ADOX are trying hard to make things work only in the consumer market because we want to provide products for a long term without beeing dependant on other markets with an uncertain future.
Who needs traffic surveillance, printing house or X-Ray film 10 years from now ?

As for right now it is impossible to compete against the stock Agfa Leverkusen left behind. So anyone putting out a similar or identical film will have a tough time with current base and silver prices.

We are trying to shedule our projects to hit the right timeframe to be ready to go when stocks run out.

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