One more vote for Agfa RSX II - ISO 100.

One of my "sidelines" is producing color transparencies of Artists work for submission to Art Schools, Galleries ... etc.

No one is more critical of color work than the artists themselves. Color balance is the most important characteristic of all ...( and there is a caveat warning about the inability of *any* film to duplicate the look of metallic paints or inks...). With Agfa RSX II 100, a setup of DynaLites and Photoflex softboxes, and meticulous metering, I've been able to gain approval from the artists - and I've helped five (5) students gain admission into prestigious Art Schools. Seems like a pretty fair test of color fidelity to me.

BTW ... Ultraviolet correction of lighting is **critical** enough to make eyes water. I've recently done some work (not art reproduction) with uncorrected flash units (happened to be Novatrons) and color negative film. The color balance is all over the lot. Even with some extraordinary effort in the darkroom, I'm not sure the results are going to be worthwhile.