I keep thinking about rangefinders and I think I'd prefer leica instead of bessa, just like I prefer gitzo to manfrotto. In the long run, the classics are worth it. Especially considering how cheap they can go for as compared to new bessas.

I don't need a meter, but wouldn't mind TTL. Do some bodies have a "pentax spotmatic" kind of meter?

The shutter MUST BE mechanical. I want it to work without batteries.

I don't know my preferences in terms of viewfinder magnifications. It will be mainly used with nokton 35/1.2, CV 28/1.9 and 15mm heliar. Basically it must tolerate big fast lenses.

I also heard the leicas must be overhauled every 10 years because of cloth shutter problems. Is that true? How much does it cost?

Is there a website which doesn't rant about "the finger falling on the shutter button naturally" and other nontangible qualities, but just compares features of the whole lineup?