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I have to sit this one. I don't know my new SoCal address yet.

Regards, Art.

Well Art, we haven't started sign ups yet, the year is still young. You might have re-established yourself as a solid member of the SoCal community (whatever THAT entails) by the time sign ups begin. On the other hand, I have already established a method for latecomers and transients. You just are placed at the back of the list. I get the camera from all the rooted citizens of our little community and then send it out on one last whirl around the known photographic universe before I develop them. We could work you in on that basis.

We are more worried about who is going to finish up round 4... you are the last person, now presumably homeless, on that camera.

So if you are moving all the way to California, why don't you move to the pretty part?

tim in san jose