After reading a comment that Francesco made, in which he stated -

"But I have to add that it is really the "light" that makes it - materials count for perhaps 20 percent of the quality,...."

..I would agree with Francesco, but have some questions about "light". First, I am curious as to what the light was like when Francesco made the "Rock Group". Next there are times when I see the "light", this usually happens right after sun-up or right as the sun is about to set.

Yet many of the photos I see here are made at different times of the day, and do you all just know when the light will be right? What is it you look for within a scene that tells you the "light" is right or wrong?

Are there exposure techniques that you use to adjust the light - other just good exposure?

Seems like Doug Bennett has discussed this at times, so feel free to join in on this one Doug..