I do have an ATL2 as well as a manual, but that is german only. Programming the ATL2 quite easy.
1. select a program number
2. turn the dial from "run" to "set"
3. press "reset"
4. enter the amount of chemistry (in liters at least for european versions) or press "set full" to select max.
5. press arrow down to set the temperature
6. press arrow down to select the time for each program step according to the LED on the step list. First time is warm up, second pre wash, third first chemistry, forth 1. Wash...etc
7. press reset again
8. turn dial to "run"
9. press start to start the sequence.
10. press start again to commit amount of fluid (according to the dial)
11. the program starts as soon as the temperature is ok. The "temp" light is flashing otherwise. You may select manual+fluid temperature to override and start at any temperature.