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The problem with this kind of job is that we don't even know what "right" is until afterwards!

So far, all three models of reservoir development have been rejected. All available data has been reevaluated, reinterpreted and re-rethought - and some has been re-collected too. And we still don't know where to go...

But at least there have been more surprises on this well section than most geologists see in a decade, so I'm learning a lot - and there's enough oil down there to make it worth it.
Interesting projects always allow you to learn a lot. But.. when the CEO puts you on a team to find a software control company and a hardware company to be the basis of your company saving "next big project"... then tells you you can't choose 'X' software company, or 'Y' hardware company, even if it's the best choice...

life, and your project, get interesting. We are living those choices now with a March 15th turnover date of the system to the process group. That is 14 days away and I haven't put a wafer in the chamber yet under process control.

See y'all about the third week of March. Maybe unemployed. *L*

tim in san jose