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Well, the abs was $0.50 per foot. I used 9-1/2" so that is $0.30 per tube. The coupler was $0.79 and the endcap was 1.29 * 2 for a grand total of


if I made 6 of them that will be


Just the cups come to 2.22 so 6 more of those is

Grand total with 2 cups like the ones that are sold commercially =

differnce =
119-27.60 = 91.40

I can buy a hell of a wter basin for the waterbath for $91.40.

Now sure where you are coming up with the final price being about the same...
I guess it depends on how valuable your time is. That is what I was getting at. Driving one hour each way to buy material, the time spent researching and planning, the time spent re-working the design so the caps stand up, etc. Easily a half day if not longer. (It is fun though.)

I sometimes get the bug to build an LED enlarger light source. However, electronics is not my strong suit. The amount of time it would take me to do this would be prohibitive. Not to mention that I already have limited time for photography. In the end, I use my dichroic light source and wish that RH Designs will make a universal 4x5 LED light source that works well with their timers.