I'm one of those who has cirtainly not mastered the light but I do love the light we get between storms. It seems to be clean, full of contrast and makes a image glow. On the few occasions I have been up with the dawn chorus the light also looks really good, but alas my brain cell does not function at that time of the morning

It might really be more to do with the look I like and that is contrasty for most subjects, so longer shadows accross a subject bringing out the textures is what I try to look for. When working with models of course I want natural soft direct and reflected light as I want their skin to look as perfect as possible.

If I have to shoot at social occasions or demonstrations then any light will do as I can't pick the time of day / night.

Other than when experimenting I will choosed a film I know I can work with and will give me the results for the occasion. Which is another reason if we lose Ilford I'm in big trouble and will be set-back several years