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Just a quick note to say I just picked up a 16" Ettore squeegee from B&Q for 4.65

I'll try it out tomorrow and report back once the prints are dry
The prints are now dry and the flattest fibre prints I've ever done. Thank you (yet again!) Les for the tip. Next job is to build some drying screens and possibly a rack...

...but not tonight. After flashing, split-grade printing, washing, selenium toning, washing again, squeegeeing and drying for nine hours I have four (count them!) fibre prints from two negs to show for it, I'm utterly hammered and my spine is about to fall out of my back.

However, they're the best prints I've ever done, my Mum will now get her birthday presents (precisely proportioned to fit the frames with a 2cm border and 2.5cm at the bottom) on time, and I used a grand total of five sheets of 11x14 MGIV FB Glossy to do it (important as I don't know when (if ever) I'll be able to get any more).

I'm going to bed.