I think we've all been down the path of holding onto materials that became classics and are no longer with us as the holy grail to some extent, myself included. Not only did I come to realize personally that it was a waste of time trying to source older and no longer available materials. I no longer desire the pain of searching and always being outbid when I do find it!! I also find it narrow minded that someone can believe that the older materials were a pardon the pun, 'silver bullet' for all things though, and that anything that follows is not capable of standing up to that level of quality of the older materials. The sad fact is that times have changed, and we need to support the photographic vendors that support us. The ones that bailed out, were obviously hurting, had poor management, or a combination of both. We have to get used to the fact that things have changed, and use the materials that are available to us. I would say that although the big names are waning, there are many others that are emerging as viable alternatives...Foma, Adox, Slavich for example. Also, we need to thank Ilford, and Fuji for doing what are doing to support film. This person is not willing to try new things, and does not want to move with the times. It goes to prove that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. :-) I would not read much more into what they are saying. IMHO .02 over with.