Over the last few months, I have been looking for one of the famous 'Kodak wash tray siphons'. In Canada, they are available for about $100 new, and I've been seeing them going for about $30 to $50 on eBay. Not thrilled with this, I rigged my own sytem and for anyone else doing 'low volume' work, it ought to work really well. Best of all, it's stupid cheap

So I simply took my big print washing tray and drilled a hole in the side barely big enough to accept a short length of garden hose on one side. This short bit of hose goes directly into the drain in my sink. For the in-flow, I simply have a length of hose clamped to the lip of the washer and I use a Gardena quick connect to attach it to the faucet.

I only need to fill up the wash tray with water, and then can keep it running at a decent rate and the water is moved around really well. The size of the outlet hose means that a good quantity of water is drained off and the water stays clean